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Please use the directory below to access the permanent "Group Memorials" and individual Memorials opened to honor the lives of each victim.

National Tragedy,
September 11, 2001


World Trade Center:
World Trade Center Memorial
NYC Firefighters
NYC Police Officers

Other World Trade
Center Victims:

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U.S. Pentagon
U.S. Pentagon Memorial

American Airlines
Flight #11
Flight #77

United Airlines
Flight #93
s Flight #175



On the morning of September 11, 2001
, America experienced several tragic terrorist attacks in which thousands of innocent civilians perished.  It was a day of violence, horror and great sadness that will never be forgotten. 

Please visit and share in the permanent Memorials that have been established to honor the lives of the many victims.


Individual Memorials have been opened as a public service and are the property of American Memorials.

American Memorials are usually owned by and registered to an immediate family member.

Ownership includes a Memorial Setup number that allows security and editorial control features, among others.

We would like to supply that number to an immediate family member upon receipt of a credible request. We suggest that the request be made through a licensed Funeral Director or directly at:


There will be no charge for this service.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to all of the families who have suffered from this terrible tragedy.


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An individual Memorial has been opened for each victim of the September 11th events.

Use the Directory (left)
to access the names.

About Memorials...
American Memorials are permanent Internet-based "albums designed to allow family, friends and associates from across the country and around the world to join in preserving the memories and histories of the deceased.

Memorials Commemorating September 11th:

Main Memorial….
Commemorates the National Tragedy of September 11, 2001. Visitors may sign in and add their own comments, stories and photos of this tragic event. 

Group Memorials….
Commemorate each of the Locations and Airline Flights that were involved in these historic events.  Names of Victims, once known, are listed in the Obituary/Death Notice sections and are linked to the permanent individual Memorials, which are opened to honor the life of each person.

Individual Memorials….
Commemorate Each Person who perished and are available for family, friends, colleagues and well-wishers.

To access an individual Memorial, locate the name of the deceased in one of the group Memorials (left), or "search" for the name from the Home page.

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