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 Visitor Registry

Below is a list of guests who have signed the Visitor Registry for this Memorial.

If a name is underlined in the list below, the guest has also entered a text/photo Tribute.  Click on underlined names to view Tributes.  (Please note:  If a name is not underlined, the guest has simply signed the Registry and no additional information has been added.)

If you are a new visitor, please sign the Registry and add a Tribute, if desired.  Your participation is encouraged, and there is no fee for adding text or photos to this Memorial.

Name Residence Date of Visit

American Memorials Philadelphia, PA 10/04/2001
American Memorials:
Philadelphia Inquirer Profile
Philadelphia, PA 10/21/2001
Susan C. Ermigiotti Perkasie, PA 10/22/2001
Steve J. Martin Lansdale, PA 10/23/2001
Noell L. Suter Timonium,, MD 10/29/2001
michael w. barnes doylestown, PA 11/01/2001
Liz Lynch NY, NY 11/04/2001
Bill Farina Sea Isle City, NJ 11/08/2001
marci kropff lee columbia, MD 11/15/2001
Karen M. Ciccoli Hatfield, PA 11/28/2001
Unknown Anonymous Unknown, NY 11/29/2001
Joe Herzog Philadelphia, PA 11/30/2001
Michael and Lisa Landis Colmar, PA 12/07/2001
Michael W. Ricci Hatfield, PA 12/12/2001
Cecelia Spinelli North Wales, PA 12/13/2001
Mike J. Steelman:
Swimming with Dolphins
La Jolla, CA 12/13/2001
Tom Healy Haworth, NJ 12/13/2001
Geri Spinelli King of Prussia, PA 12/13/2001
anonymous anonymous Long Beach, NY 12/15/2001
Marian L. Pinkerton Montgomeryville, PA 12/16/2001
Pete Heron Boston, MA 12/17/2001
Dana Ferretti Taylor Perkasie, PA 12/18/2001
Kelly Zero Menditto New York, NY 12/27/2001
Anon Anonymous New York, NY 01/02/2002
Kevin J. Burg Brooklyn, NY / Lansdale, PA, NY 01/02/2002
Mike McCormick Sea Isle City, NJ 01/11/2002
Kristin L. (Santilli) Marano Hammonton, NJ 01/21/2002
Todd Lynady Houston, TX 01/28/2002
Stephanie Schiele Rossi Audubon, PA 01/28/2002
Shawn M. Wells Philadelphia, PA 02/11/2002
Erich p. maerz perkasie, PA 03/06/2002
Rosann Paone Hatfield, PA 03/13/2002
Kathleen M. Picozzi Hatfield, PA 03/18/2002
John Andrews Ocean City, NJ 05/02/2002
Suzanne N. Randall Lansdale, PA 08/22/2002
John B. Strauss:
My loving respect
Princeton, NJ 08/22/2002
Judy Bonner Willow Grove, PA 08/25/2002
Angela Cook-Markus Lansdale, PA 08/28/2002
Shannan McOwen Mazlo Washington, DC 08/29/2002
erich maerz perkasie, PA 08/29/2002
Peter G. Kane:
Atlanta, GA 08/30/2002
Jeff Cassidy Ambler, PA 09/01/2002
Matt Haney Southampton, Bermuda, UK 09/02/2002
Joslyn M. (Lombardi) Tapler Bethlehem,, PA 09/02/2002
Erik O. Ashcraft Spring Mount, PA 09/04/2002
mark e. ermigiotti doylestown, PA 09/04/2002
Susan C. Colasanti Phoenixville, PA 09/05/2002
Deborah A. Burns Souderton, PA 09/06/2002
Denise Randall Franconia, PA 09/06/2002
Mark Mackey Lansdale, PA 09/07/2002
Maureen Cunningham Warminster, PA 09/08/2002
Michelle D. (Pugh) Kier North Wales, PA 09/08/2002
Glenna I. Vasoli:
Eighth Grade Revisited
Lansdale, PA 09/09/2002
Dan Richards Atlanta, GA 09/09/2002
Audra Santi:
God Bless
Jenkintown, PA 09/10/2002
Kristen Kociban Indianapolis, IN 09/10/2002
John Kopich:
My Memory of You
Point leasant, PA 09/11/2002
Heather R. Cisar:
Thinking of Noell and his family
aberdeen, MD 09/11/2002
Ian Mitchell North Wales, PA 09/11/2002
LANSDALE, PA 09/11/2002
Kate Delp New York, NY 09/11/2002
Julie Moyer King of Prussia, PA 09/11/2002
Ken Kociban Schwenksville, PA 09/11/2002
Audra Santi:
Thoughts and Prayers
Jenkintown, PA 09/11/2002
Michael & Anita Ricci Bensalem, PA 09/11/2002
Sherri Davis Devon, PA 09/11/2002
Sharon l. Russell Pottstown, PA 09/11/2002
Janel L. Newman Telford, PA 09/11/2002
Nancy (Patton) DeLisle Philadelphia,, PA 09/11/2002
Hayley Cotterill Markham ON, CN 09/11/2002
Elaine K. Malagari Lansdale, PA 09/11/2002
Angela M. Malagari:
God Bless
Lansdale, PA 09/11/2002
WEST NEW YORK, NJ 09/11/2002
Kim Mahoney Harleysville, PA 09/11/2002
Sharla Galford Lansdale, PA 09/11/2002
Patricia Woods North Wales, PA 09/11/2002
Denise Hughes O'Connor Winston Salem, NC 09/11/2002
Dan Meyers:
You Inspired Me
Lansdale, PA 09/11/2002
Kevin M. McCullagh:
A friend
Lansdale, PA 09/11/2002
Tom Pedicone San Diego, CA 09/11/2002
Claudine Messuri Los Angeles, CA 09/11/2002
liz armstrong philadelphia, PA 09/12/2002
Sally Rio Willow Grove, PA 09/12/2002
Jimmy E. Smith:
We love you!
Doylestown, PA 09/15/2002
Sharon & Tom Kurtz-Simmler Family:
The Small World we live In
Sellersville, PA 09/15/2002
gina rosenberger harleysville, PA 09/15/2002
Christine Steelman Margate, NJ 09/16/2002
Carl Rio:
One of many many many stories
Lansdale, PA 09/17/2002
anthony j. altomare maple glen, PA 09/18/2002
Jamie McCormick Sellersville, PA 09/19/2002
kelly A. Pomar Chelenham, PA 09/20/2002
Lynda (Posivak) Mohlenhoff Bedminster, NJ 09/23/2002
Tracey D. Andre:
Always in our Hearts & Prayers
Langhorne, PA 09/25/2002
Michael & Anita Ricci:
Happy Birthday
Bensalem, PA 09/27/2002
ralph maerz:
birthday boy
lansdale, PA 09/27/2002
Matthew D. Prince:
to the best barmate and a great friend
Dix Hills, NY 10/03/2002
Dena M. Venezia Philadelphia, PA 10/15/2002
Gina L. Sandone Colmar, PA 10/21/2002
Candice L. McInerny Manhattan, NY 10/22/2002
Bette J. Grasso:
You will live within us
Lansdale, PA 10/24/2002
Jim Lelii Perkasie, PA 10/30/2002
Terry A. Duffin Doylestown, PA 11/13/2002
Kevin Dohner Morristown, NJ 11/25/2002
Helene C. Saunders Bensalem, PA 11/27/2002
North Penn Reporter Lansdale, PA 11/30/2002
the reporter lansdale, PA 12/02/2002
Mary Frances (Cunnally) Greco:
My prayers are with you
San Diego, CA 12/03/2002
Michael Rieg Hatfield, PA 12/06/2002
Katy E. Jenkinson Abington, PA 12/13/2002
Shane E. Pratt Hatfield, PA 12/17/2002
Michele (Bergen) Bartolomea Oceanside, CA 12/27/2002
anonymous anonymous anonymous, MI 01/02/2003
Kristen Ciccone Westland, MI 01/02/2003
Kiera A. Kociban New York, NY 01/13/2003
michael mccormick philadelphia, PA 01/20/2003
Tara Leach-Drop Hatfield, PA 01/27/2003
Joanne Kostopoulos:
Your smile can warm the coldest of hearts
Bayside, NY 02/23/2003
Mike Gulbinski Feasterville, PA 02/27/2003
Nora Allan-Ruffels Lansdale, PA 04/05/2003
Gina l. Sandone Colmar, PA 04/11/2003
Matt Coletta gilbertsville, PA 04/11/2003
Mike Schlotterbeck Cherry Hill, NJ 05/15/2003
Anony Mous:
Dylan's Contribution
Lansdale, PA 05/16/2003
Tony Rezza North Wales, PA 05/16/2003
Evelyn M. Dorsett Bessemer, AL 06/13/2003
Adrienne T. Kelly Jenkintown, PA 07/19/2003
Mariah P. Virgilio:
I wish I knew you
Pottstown, PA 07/24/2003
Jamie McCormick:
Thinking of you
Sellersville, PA 08/14/2003
erich maerz harleysville, PA 08/19/2003
The Charles Kemp Family Lansdale, PA 08/22/2003
Pete Kane:
Atlanta, GA 08/22/2003
Jamie McCormick:
In our prayers
Sellersville, PA 09/09/2003
Chuck Gehman Sea Isle City, NJ 09/10/2003
Mary Frances Greco:
Always in my prayers
San Diego, CA 09/10/2003
Carl Rio:
Never Forgotten
Willow Grove, PA 09/10/2003
Joanne Kostopoulos:
two years later ... you're still in our hearts
Bayside, NY 09/11/2003
Jeannie Spuhler Long Island, NY 09/11/2003
Marci and James Lee Columbia, MD 09/11/2003
Christine N. Albrecht-Albeser Philadelphia, PA 09/11/2003
John Kopich:
Two years
Point Pleasant, PA 09/11/2003
Nicole M. Pauzano-Slamm Doylestown, PA 09/11/2003
Tara M. Francia Long Island, NY 09/11/2003
Mark I. McNutt:
In thoughts and prayers
Spinnerstown, PA 09/11/2003
Geri Spinelli-Lopez King of Prussia, PA 09/11/2003
Susan Vargas Seaford, NY 09/11/2003
Debra A. Henning:
God Bless
Havertown, PA 09/11/2003
Erin Phillips Rancho Cucamonga, CA 09/11/2003
Brian Crowley Las Vegas, NV 09/11/2003
Peter Kane:
#11 God's Angel
Atlanta, GA 09/11/2003
Pete Casey lansdale, PA 09/12/2003
Ralph S. Maerz Lansdale, PA 09/12/2003
Tiffany Payne Alexandria, VA 09/12/2003
Meredith & Matt Prince:
You are always in our heart
Dix Hills, NY 09/13/2003
Rozanne Puleo Boston, MA 09/13/2003
Little Bro on the lake, PA 09/15/2003
Shawn M. Wells Philadelphia, PA 09/16/2003
Corey Richter Ewing, NJ 09/18/2003
Gina L. Sandone Colmar, PA 09/23/2003
Jamie McCormick:
Happy Birthday
Sellersville, PA 09/27/2003
dad dad:
birthday boy
lansdale, PA 09/27/2003
Bette Grasso:
Best Wishes
lansdale, PA 09/27/2003
Ron Lancia La Jolla, CA 10/26/2003
John Pryce:
Recht Door
Jacksonville, NC 10/29/2003
John Pryce:
Recht Door
Jacksonville, NC 10/29/2003
Jamie McCormick:
Happy Birthday to your little girl
Sellersville, PA 10/31/2003
Angela Cook-Markus Lansdale, PA 11/03/2003
Matt Coletta Gilbertsville, PA 11/06/2003
Susan C. Moretski-Colasanti:
In My thoughts&prayers
Phoenixville, PA 11/06/2003
ron lancia la jolla, CA 11/06/2003
Bette Grasso:
Holiday greetings
Lansdale, PA 12/16/2003
Carl Rio:
Merry Christmas Noell!
Willow Grove, PA 12/25/2003
Diana Cardamone Malvern, PA 01/31/2004
Lisa Grayo:
Thank you for sharing........
Philadelphia, PA 02/09/2004
Tiffany Payne:
thinking of you family
Alexandria, VA 02/11/2004
Sandra Sheppard (Sanna) Upper Pottsgrove, PA 02/28/2004
Ron Lancia La Jolla, CA 03/26/2004
Shawn M. Wells:
Just thinking about you
Philadelphia, PA 05/27/2004
ralph s. maerz lansdale, PA 05/31/2004
Sharon L. Russell:
Wishing your family well
Lansdale, PA 07/21/2004
Mariah P. Virgilio Pottstown, PA 07/21/2004
Erich Maerz Harleysville, PA 08/05/2004
Michael W. Cardamone Collingswood, NJ 08/16/2004
Jamie McCormick:
in our thoughts still
Sellersville, PA 08/18/2004
Dave Schlegel Sellersville, PA 08/23/2004
gina l. sandone:
thinking of you and your family
colmar, PA 08/26/2004
A Friend hatfield, PA 08/30/2004
Dan Drop Hatfield, PA 09/04/2004
Sharon L. Virgilio Russell:
His legacy lives
Lansdale, PA 09/08/2004
Chris Bair Green Lane, PA 09/08/2004
Raquel R. Wilson-Piraino:
Hofstra Friend
Port Washington, NY 09/08/2004
Meg Maerz Harleysville, PA 09/09/2004
Amy Murphy Harleysville, PA 09/10/2004
Mary Frances Greco:
In my prayers
San Diego, CA 09/11/2004
Angela Cook-Markus Lansdale, PA 09/11/2004
Joanne Kostopoulos:
Bayside, NY 09/11/2004
Heather Schreiber:
Always thinking of you and your family
Sound Beach - Long Island, NY 09/12/2004
Diana Cardamone Malvern, PA 09/13/2004
Matt Egan Glenside, PA 09/13/2004
Andie R. Torres:
911 Patriot Run
Lake Forest, CA 09/15/2004
erich maerz harleysville, PA 11/12/2004
chris r. hartman hatfield, PA 11/12/2004
ron lancia la jolla, CA 11/14/2004
mary k. mallory mt holly, NJ 12/27/2004
Brian A. Uzzo Coconut Creek, FL 01/01/2005
Suzanne N. Randall Sellersville, PA 01/04/2005
Tara A. Maerz:
Love You
Abington, PA 02/02/2005
Kristina L. Causerano:
What a great guy
North Wales, PA 02/24/2005
Robin Watkins Deptford, NJ 04/19/2005
Nicole and Bill Pauzano-Slamm:
Think of you often
Sellersville, PA 04/23/2005
Christopher M. Grella Bayonne, NJ 04/27/2005
erich maerz harleysville, PA 04/28/2005
jowe \. frencch new york, NC 07/26/2005
Chris Bair Green Lane, PA 08/12/2005
Jamie McCormick Sellersville, PA 08/12/2005
Bette J. Grasso Lansdale, PA 08/12/2005
Sharon L. Russell:
Thinking of you and your family
Lansdale, PA 08/16/2005
ralph maerz:
lansdale, PA 08/19/2005
Sue Claricurzio Doylestown, PA 08/20/2005
meg maerz harleysville, PA 08/20/2005
Melanie M. Hoover Morrisville, PA 08/24/2005
Kimberly A. Buchmann Hatfield, PA 08/31/2005
Matt Haney Bermuda, UK 09/02/2005
ron lancia la jolla, CA 09/09/2005
David S. Missimer:
Leading By Example
Lafayette Hill, PA 09/10/2005
Joanne Kostopoulos Bayside, NY 09/11/2005
Meredith M. Prince:
Thinking of you
Roslyn Heights, NY 09/11/2005
Carl Rio:
Patriot Games - 2005
Horsham, PA 09/11/2005
Nancy Jobst Morris Plains, NJ 09/11/2005
Mary Frances Greco:
Remembering you and your family today
Murrieta, CA 09/12/2005
melina diaconis:
memories and strength
ithaca, ny / hatboro, PA 09/15/2005
Jon Olender:
Thinking of Noell
Bethel, VT 09/21/2005
Kayla, Aubrie and Patrick Maerz:
Happy Birthday
Harleysville, PA 09/27/2005
Ralph Maerz:
Happy Birthday
Lansdale, PA 09/27/2005
Michelle Kier:
Hatfield, PA 10/22/2005
Audra Hellyer Quakertown, PA 11/03/2005
Erich maerz harleysville, PA 11/05/2005
Tony DiDonato:
The Class of 1990 remembers....
Schwenksville, PA 11/12/2005
Christine and Jim Eden (Steelman):
Thinking of You
Margate, NJ 12/08/2005
Christine and Jim Eden (Steelman) Margate, NJ 12/08/2005
Kristin L. (Santilli) Marano:
Still thinking about you
Hammonton, NJ 01/10/2006
Shawn M. Wells:
Thinking of You
Philadelphia, PA 01/24/2006
erich maerz harleysville, PA 03/06/2006
kayla a. maerz:
uncle noell
harleysville, PA 03/17/2006
jon davis miami, FL 04/26/2006
Jen E. Hosford:
Thinking of Noell
Malverne, NY 05/15/2006
Anthony P. Rezza Harleysville, PA 05/23/2006
Stephanie Diaconis:
Hatboro, PA 07/05/2006
Denise (Moretski)Randall Telford, PA 07/19/2006
Adam R. Herndon Philadelphia, PA 07/24/2006
Graham E. Lau York, PA 07/26/2006
Bette Grasso:
Lnsdale, PA 08/09/2006
jennifer maerz:
I love you cookie!
lb, NY 08/17/2006
Mike Ricci:
Just thinking of you brother
Gilbertsville, PA 08/21/2006
Timm Gearhart:
Succasunna, NJ 08/23/2006
Amy (Doughty) Ricciardella Virginia Beach, VA 08/23/2006
Elizabeth M. Herndon:
just a note
Emmaus, PA 09/01/2006
j maerz LB, NY 09/03/2006
Trina Finacchio - Duffy Plainfield, IL 09/04/2006
erich maerz harleysville, PA 09/05/2006
Susan Moretski-Colasanti Phoenixville, PA 09/06/2006
Cindy Reutemann:
Leader of the Pack
Lansdale, PA 09/07/2006
Mary Frances Greco:
Thinking of you and your family.
Murrieta, CA 09/11/2006
Joanne Kostopoulos:
remembering you
Bayside, NY 09/11/2006
Ashley E. Herndon:
Your still in our hearts
Warrington, PA 09/11/2006
John K:
Point Pleasant, PA 09/11/2006
Gina Rubel:
Never forgotten
Doylestown, PA 09/11/2006
Christine L. Scarry Levittown, NY 09/11/2006
Colleen M. Daley Pennsburg, PA 09/11/2006
Patti Lewis:
Thinking of Noell and the family
New Hope, PA 09/11/2006
Chris Higham Sarasota, FL 09/11/2006
Chris Malatesta:
a message from "Binger"
Bloomsburg, PA 09/11/2006
Megan Brady New York, NY 09/11/2006
Jeff Grant Radnor, PA 09/11/2006
Audra Hellyer:
God Bless you and your family today and always
Quakertown, PA 09/11/2006
Chrissie N. Albrecht-Albeser:
The may the peace of God be with you always
Philadephia, PA 09/11/2006
Pete Kane Atlanta, GA 09/11/2006
Jennifer Smoyer Penndel, PA 09/11/2006
Carl R. Rio Horsham, PA 09/11/2006
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2006
Dave Schlegel Franconia, PA 09/12/2006
Pete Myers Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, AI 09/12/2006
Cara L. Dixon (Mower):
In my thoughts
Lansdale, PA 09/13/2006
erich maerz harleysville, PA 09/13/2006
Brenda Wall Lansdale, PA 09/13/2006
Meg Maerz:
"all banged up"
harleysville, PA 09/26/2006
Ralph Maerz:
Happy Birthday
Lansdale, PA 09/27/2006
Corey Richter Freehold, NJ 10/05/2006
Scott B. Maerz:
possible extended family comment
Bagdad, AZ 10/29/2006
Patrick Bradley San Diego, CA 12/25/2006
Patrick Bradley san diego, CA 12/26/2006
Patrick Bradley:
A New River with Noell Maerz
San Diego, CA 12/26/2006
Kristina L. Hopper-Proulx Merrill, WI 01/30/2007
Bette Naerz:
Always thinking of you
N. Ft. Myers, FL 04/17/2007
erich maerz Chalfont, PA 04/30/2007
Trina Finacchio Duffy Plainfield, IL 05/09/2007
Ashley E. Herndon:
Dear Noell
Warrington, PA 05/17/2007
r s. maerz:
fathers day
ft.myers, FL 06/17/2007
Kevin L. McCann Millersville, MD 06/17/2007
Matt Coletta Gilbertsville, PA 06/20/2007
Chris Cossman Norristown, PA 07/20/2007
Jenn Cronin Churchville, PA 07/24/2007
Jamie McCormick:
In thoughts/prayers
Sellersville, PA 08/04/2007
Mike J. Devenney Chester Springs, PA 08/07/2007
Shannon Detweiler Lansdale, PA 08/09/2007
Melanie A. Hoover Morrisville, PA 08/12/2007
erich maerz hilltown, PA 08/15/2007
Kerri Schlegel (Hahn) Franconia, PA 08/30/2007
Jimmy Matthews Havertown, PA 09/06/2007
Matt Capuzzi Millburn, NJ 09/06/2007
Brian Crowley San Rafael, CA 09/07/2007
Lorie A. McCann Millersville, MD 09/08/2007
Mike Schaefer Perkasie, PA 09/09/2007
John F. Kopich:
Point Pleasant, PA 09/11/2007
John F. Kopich New Hope, PA 09/11/2007
Jackie M. Leatherman Charlotte, NC 09/11/2007
Diana Botto Swedesboro, NJ 09/11/2007
Chrissie N. Albeser Philadelphia, PA 09/11/2007
Susan C. Colasanti Phoenixville, PA 09/11/2007
Mary Frances Greco:
Thinking and praying for you and your family
Murrieta, CA 09/11/2007
Mary Frances Greco:
Thinking and praying for you and your family
Murrieta, CA 09/11/2007
Monica Lehman York, PA 09/11/2007
Aimee Dunphy:
Thinking of you and your family.
Baltimore, MD 09/11/2007
Jill M. Bagley Telford, PA 09/11/2007
Pete Kane:
Thinking of you
Atlanta, GA 09/11/2007
Kelly Weber Euless, TX 09/11/2007
Bernadette M. Horvat Blue Bell, PA 09/11/2007
Shawn Wells Philadelphia, PA 09/11/2007
Carl Rio Horsham, PA 09/11/2007
Carl Rio Horsham, PA 09/11/2007
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2007
Peter P. Paoli:
NY, NY 09/11/2007
Kevin St.Clair Malvern, PA 09/12/2007
Jamie McCormick Sellersville, PA 09/12/2007
dad maerz n.ft myers, FL 09/13/2007
dad maerz n.ft.myers, FL 09/27/2007
Judi P. Whitaker North Wales, PA 10/10/2007
Frank Buchy Broomall, PA 11/04/2007
Jen Kerns Lansdale, PA 11/06/2007
Bette Maerz:
Sometimes I wonder
N. Ft. Myers, FL 11/07/2007
Meg Maerz:
thinking of you
Chalfont, PA 12/10/2007
Mike W. Ricci:
Hey Noell
Gilbertsville, PA 12/22/2007
Suzanne N. Randall:
Love and Faith
Wilmington, DE 01/08/2008
erich maerz hilltown, PA 03/12/2008
Keith R. Snyder Dover, PA 03/27/2008
Sarah Maerz Ankeny, IA 04/03/2008
Michael Edwards Atlanta, GA 04/08/2008
Michael J. Lehman Parkville, MD 04/09/2008
Re panico Philadelphia, PA 05/14/2008
aubrie maerz:
my guardian angel
chalfont, PA 05/26/2008
Sharon Virgilio:
Thinking of u
Telford, PA 06/16/2008
Glen W. Roetman North Wales, PA 07/15/2008
Ashley Herndon:
Thinking of you
Warrington, PA 07/17/2008
Joe Malloy Springfield, PA 08/16/2008
Amy F. Ricciardella (Doughty):
thinking of you today!
Virginia Beach, VA 09/11/2008
Corey Richter Freehold, NJ 09/11/2008
Angela Cook-Markus Lansdale, PA 09/11/2008
Jackie M. Albrecht-Leatherman:
Always remembered
Charlotte, NC 09/11/2008
Heather M. Richtfort Libertyville, IL 09/11/2008
PJ Judge:
I will never forget my friend
Aldie, VA 09/11/2008
Kristina Proulx Merrill, WI 09/11/2008
Kristina Proulx:
Thinking of you
Merrill, WI 09/11/2008
candice L. McInerny Doylestown, PA 09/11/2008
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2008
Kim Mahoney Harleysville, PA 09/11/2008
Suzanne Dressler:
You are in my prayers today.
Jeffersonville, PA 09/11/2008
Mary Frances (Cunnally) Greco:
Thinking and Praying for you and your family
Murrieta, CA 09/11/2008
Alice Ann E. Wichner-Schiele Collegeville, PA 09/11/2008
Peter P. Paoli NY, NY 09/11/2008
Chris Metzger Gilbert, AZ 09/12/2008
Carl Rio Horsham, PA 09/12/2008
Chris Bair:
Thanks for always being there!
Green Lane, PA 09/14/2008
erich maerz chalfont, PA 09/15/2008
Jamie McCormick:
Happy Birthday in a few days
Sellersville, PA 09/25/2008
Jamie McCormick:
Happy Birthday in a few days
Sellersville, PA 09/25/2008
Kayla,Aubrie & Patrick Maerz:
Happy Birthday
Chalfont, PA 09/27/2008
Katie Morris Doylestown, US 10/15/2008
Tom Smallwood Harleysville, PA 10/23/2008
Tom Smallwood Harleysville, PA 10/23/2008
Peter Kane Sydney, AU 12/17/2008
Rachel Hollywood:
Forever in my thoughts- God Bless your family
Massapequa, NY 01/01/2009
Greg Duardo Harleysville, PA 03/11/2009
erich maerz HIlltown, PA 04/03/2009
Natalie Townsend-Miller:
My memory...
Hatfield, PA 05/08/2009
Shawn Wells Philadelphia, PA 05/08/2009
Diane Smith:
A Wonderful Tradition
Doylestown, PA 06/08/2009
Chris Bair Green Lane, PA 07/12/2009
dad maerz n.ft. myers, FL 07/14/2009
Corey Richter Freehold, NJ 07/31/2009
Kerri Dinan Chalfont, PA 07/31/2009
Kerri Dinan Chalfont, PA 07/31/2009
Joe Driver Long Beach, NY 08/15/2009
Ron Lancia San Diego, CA 09/11/2009
Joanne Kostopoulos Bayside, NY 09/11/2009
Nicole Slamm Sellersville, PA 09/11/2009
Shannon Detweiler:
Thinking of you
Lansdale, PA 09/11/2009
Carl Rio:
Thinking of you!
Philadelphia, PA 09/11/2009
Peter P. Paoli NY, NY 09/11/2009
John Kopich:
We will never forget
Point Pleasant, PA 09/11/2009
Patty Fee Bedminster, PA 09/11/2009
Slavin Family:
We will never forget
Hatfield, PA 09/11/2009
Mary Frances (Cunnally) Greco:
In our thoughts and prayers
Collegeville, PA 09/11/2009
Sean T. St. Clair Fort Washington, PA 09/11/2009
Amy L. Carickhoff New York, NY 09/11/2009
Candice L. McInerny Pipersville, PA 09/11/2009
Jackie M. Albrecht-Leatherman Charlotte, NC 09/11/2009
jim lelii:
#11 thinking of you today... God Bless
perkasie, PA 09/11/2009
Lynne Carickhoff - Green Harleysville, PA 09/11/2009
Brendan L. Kelly Philadelphia, PA 09/11/2009
Nikki M. Wisor Burlington, KY 09/11/2009
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2009
Dan Drop:
another great day at the tri
Hatfield, PA 09/12/2009
Dave Smith Union, KY 09/12/2009
Kevin St.Clair Hatfield, PA 09/14/2009
Jamie McCormick:
thinking of you
Sellersville, PA 09/14/2009
Bette Maerz:
Happy Birthday
N.Ft. Myers, FL 09/26/2009
Melissa Kuhn Sadowski:
I think often of you and your family.
Lansdale, PA 12/23/2009
Josephine Pagano Macungie, PA 01/09/2010
Jeff Finn Houston, TX 09/07/2010
Brian Crowley San Rafael, CA 09/10/2010
Carl Rio Horsham, PA 09/11/2010
Sandra M. (Sanna) McGuckin:
remembering you and your family today ...
Schuylkill Haven, PA 09/11/2010
Sandra M. (Sanna) McGuckin:
remembering you and your family today ...
Schuylkill Haven, PA 09/11/2010
Jacqueline M. Albrecht-Leatherman LC '88 Matthews, NC 09/11/2010
Kristina L. Hopper Proulx:
You are still in our hearts
Merrill, WI 09/11/2010
Peter P. Paoli ny, NY 09/11/2010
Peter P. Paoli NY, NY 09/11/2010
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2010
Mary Frances Greco Collegeville, PA 09/12/2010
Jamie McCormick:
Happy Birthday
Sellersville, PA 09/27/2010
Stefani Liebowitz Altieri Jackson, NJ 12/01/2010
Scott b. Maerz:
Superior, AZ 12/11/2010
Mike Kl:
Virginia Beach, VA 01/12/2011
Ron Lancia:
Miss You
San Diego, CA 02/10/2011
Sandra Sanna-McGuckin:
Thinking of you- God Bless your soul
Schuylkill Haven, PA 05/02/2011
jim lelii perkasie, PA 05/02/2011
Chris & Alonna Johnson Phoenixville, PA 05/02/2011
Geri Spinelli-Lopez Katy, TX 05/03/2011
Bob Burg East Greenville, PA 05/05/2011
Chris and Debbie Allen Doylestown, PA 05/05/2011
Marci Kropff Lee Huntingdon Valley, PA 08/23/2011
renee l. gaughran lynbrook, NY 09/08/2011
Carl Rio Lansdale, PA 09/11/2011
Joanne Kostopoulos Bayside, NY 09/11/2011
Caroline D. Galbreath Jamison, PA 09/11/2011
Kate Delp:
Thinking of you and your family
Tokyo, AI 09/11/2011
ronald lancia san diego, CA 09/11/2011
Julie A. Vinal-Ryan Chalfont, PA 09/11/2011
Peter P. Paoli NY, NY 09/11/2011
Peter Kane:
Miss ya man!
Sydney, AU 09/11/2011
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2011
Maureen Bonner East Norriton, PA 09/11/2011
Laura Cybak Pennsburg, PA 08/31/2012
Ron Lancia:
Anyone would b proud 2 call u father or friend
Ocean Beach, CA 09/02/2012
Ron Lancia Ocean Beach, CA 09/02/2012
Big Daddy Kane Sydney, AU 09/10/2012
James Lelii Perkasie, PA 09/11/2012
Carl Rio:
Never Forgotten
Lansdale, PA 09/11/2012
Pete Bednarek Wynnewood, PA 09/11/2012
Dana Hayes Long Beach, NY 09/11/2012
Stephen Melsheimer:
Always Remember
Montgomeryville, PA 09/11/2012
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2012
Mary Frances (Cunnally) Greco:
Thinking of you and your family today
Collegeville, PA 09/11/2012
ralph maerz n.ft.myers, FL 10/06/2012
Ron Lancia:
Happy B-day Noelle
ocean beach, CA 10/31/2012
Ron Lancia SD, CA 12/08/2012
Ron Lancia SD, CA 12/08/2012
Ashley Herndon Folsom, PA 03/01/2013
jim lelii:
#11- my son plays Cannoneers this weekend...
perkasie, PA 09/11/2013
Ron Lancia:
Thank You
Pacific Beach, CA 09/11/2013
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2013
Tom Pedicone Horsham, PA 09/11/2014
Ron Lancia:
Class Tribute
San Diego, CA 09/11/2014