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This Tribute was provided by Pernell Rodocker:
Today I caught a tear...

A Tear

Upon my fingertip, today I caught a tear.
I pondered all it’s meaning, held with in its bounds.
Sparkling with all the love, of many a past year.
But listen very closely and hear the sorrowed sounds.

My tears are those of missing you,
A void that’s never filled.
From day to day I’m at a loss, not knowing what to do.
My heart's a rocky soil, parched and untilled.

My thoughts are often afar off, but mostly are of you.

I caught a tear today upon my fingertip.
I strained to see the memories you’ve left me.
Your name and all you were and are, rest upon my lip.
Someday again I know I’ll see you, just you wait and see.

I’ve got so many tears I know I’ll never run out.
Each one I catch I’ll be thinking of you.
For that there is no doubt.
Please, wont you remember me too.

(This poem was written several years ago and dedicated to my mother... I feel it needs to be re-dedicated to all the survivors of September 11th)
May God richly bless and guide us all... (Pernell)

Author: Pernell R. Rodocker

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