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This Tribute was provided by Shirley Evans

This is what came to mind as I thought about the first anniversay....if m daydream could come true then maybe all those who perished would not have died in vain.


We stand on the edge of chaos,
We dither about what to do,
We look around at horror,
So much suffering its true.

Some just want to go to war,
Some just stand and stare,
Some they want just peace,
And some just don't care.

Many just don't realise,
There is only one single way,
To help all live in harmony,
And save the world today.

It is something very radical,
Never been used before,
Well maybe back at the beginning,
And now remembered no more.

It is simple, yet so very hard.
For man is ruled by pride.
Each one wanting to be better,
Many wanting to be known worldwide.

So what's this thing to bring about,
Harmony among mankind.
So simple yet so radical,
To what we have all been blind.

LOVE that's it plain love that's all,
Of the unconditional type,
A simple thing we all know of,
Although many think its hype.

For when you Love what do you want,
For those you care about?
Simply their health and happenings,
The best for them without a doubt.

So instead of just applying this,
To only those you know.
Why don't you think about humanity,
And decide you love them so.

For Love can be planted like a seed,
And it will surely grow.
Just place it in your heart,
And reap what you sow

If all were to do this simple thing,
And leave the seed to grow.
Just think what a world we would have,
No man would be another's foe.

We would all care about each other,
Wanting only the best for them,
No greed, no hate, no killings,
Just peace and no mayhem.

All would accept the other,
No matter their colour or creed.
Each would live the way they wish,
And no other taking heed.

No borders would be needed,
No armies for defence.
Everyone sharing knowledge,
No one worrying about expense.

Each just helping others,
For the greater good of all,
Not looking for payment,
But helping the weak to stand tall.

Yes we still have problems,
Sickness and disability as well,
But if all help each other,
Their lives will not be hell.

Just think what can be achieved,
If minds that plan for war,
Are turned towards helping others,
Doing nothing others could abhor.

And all  scientists working together,
And not vying for the highest pay.
Building not for destruction,
But to help each in their own way

And so I sit here in my dream,
I don't want it to go away,
I want it to come true sometime,
I wish it was today

Debbie  Evans 9th September 2002

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