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This Tribute was provided by Richard Coad:
Silence in the system

First allow me to tell all that are reading this that I am a convicted felon. That I have served time in the Illinoins department of Corrections.This is not a story supposed to justify my incarceration. this is a story of how Sept. 11th effected the "Black Sheep" of this country
It had started off as any other day had, chow, yard, school.Same ungodly noise of past crimes,past lives, anger,hate, beliefs,etc.Then in the mist of class, silence struck. Teachers and inmates alike were silent,for the first time throughout my incarceration,you could hear every noise in the room.We watched a screen that a teacher "illegally" brought from their room so everyone could see the occurances that were transpiring. Before the second plane had hit the second tower, the institution was on lock-down, all movement had cease and we were once again herded into our 8 by 10 homes.Even then the silence was ongoing, the only sounds were the televisions tuned to one or another channel all telling them same message. America was under attack. All of conversations of their hate for the man, wives,system,rival gangs and beliefs were quieted.the anger was now replaced my anger,anger as to how someone could attack this great country of ours. I believe that if an enlistment officer had been inside the institution, he would of been scared for his life and the sheer number of people he would have had lined up to be recruited. These being the same people that dispised this country and their beliefs since and before their convictions,now loved it. So through the death of some of your loved ones I honestly believe that this country will have taken a turn for the better. especially me, who was released on Nov. 5th ,2001. Only to see the begininng of the mayhem. Thank You for your time.

Richard Coad K73695