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This Tribute was provided by Yvonne Miller

My heart goes out to the families who lost someone on 9-11-01.  Here it is two years later, and I still cry when I remember what happened.  I had nobody that perished, but my boyfriend is a volunteer firefighter.  I can't imagine what the families are going through, but I would like them to know that my heart goes out to them, and my prayers are with them that sometime they will find peace.  God bless all of the heores and their families.


This enitre nation has suffered
A tremendous loss.
We lost so much,
And even children.
As we reflect on this tragedy,
Please remember the families and friends
Of these heroes.
The men and women who sacrificed their lives
So that others may live on.
Those people will always be heroes.
The pictures will be forever
In our minds,
But please keep the families
In our hearts.
Remember what happened.
Do not forget about those
Who acted so unselfishly.
Two years have now gone by,
But it still affects so many of us.
We will always remember
Where we were
And what we were doing
When the airplanes came down
And the people parished.

-Remember September 11, 2001

Yvonne Nanette Miller


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