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This Tribute was provided by Doug & Pam Champagne:
Memorial Song

As the second anniversary of the 911 tragedy has just passed, we thought we would send you this web page. (

In the aftermath of the attacks Doug & Pam Champagne wrote and recorded a song "The Legacy"

as a memorial to all who perished on that horrific day. The song’s sole purpose is to touch the hearts of as many people as possible and have them stop and remember all those that lost there lives.

The decision was made from the beginning that "The Legacy" would not be used for monetary gain by any individual , therefore "The Legacy" is only available via the internet as a free download.

We do not nor will we allow advertisement’s on the web page. Emails have been received from around the world including The White House/The New York City Mayors Office/ The Ambassador to Canada as well as firefighters and family members who lost loved ones in the attacks.

As of this date just over 451,000 people have visited our web page and listened to or downloaded "The Legacy".We recently received emails from The World Trade Center Memorial and linking our page to theirs this is truly an honor. We have performed "The Legacy" at numerous memorial and charity events and continue to do so when requested. In closing we ask that you take a few moments out of your busy day to stop by and listen to or download "The Legacy" then pass it on to your family and friends may you find comfort in a song written from the heart and meant to touch yours. God Bless.


Doug & Pam Champagne

"The Legacy" can be found at

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