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This Tribute was provided by Tiffany Montano:
a simple poem

September 11th by Tiffany Montano
September 11

I woke up this morning to find a world
My heart breaks nothing will ever be the same.
Four planes wrought terror down from the sky.
Two towers collapse that once rose so high

A pentagon damaged beyond belief
Tireless workers trying to bring some relief
To those who lost love ones who won't give up
hope. The loss so great how can anyone cope?

Workers who try not to show their fears
as each day hope fades. Each moment like
years. While a world unites "Asking what can we do?"
A Nation Unites wrapped in red white and blue.
United we stand divided we fall. How can we
back down when our back is against the wall?

Tiffany D Montano
Copyright ©2002 Tiffany Montano


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