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This Tribute was provided by Scott and Priscilla Johnson:
No regrets, no remorse, no retreat, no surrender

It’s been 3 years

I can remember where I was down to the second.  I can picture the images on the television.  My now wife and I just beginning to wake up as I was getting ready for work.  I showered and turned on the TV as I dressed, listening to the news, seeing the fire on the tower of the WTC I called into the bedroom saying that the Towers were on fire.  Not two minutes later the second plane hit and the world stopped.  I must have said something because my wife came out confused, then saw, cried, and grabbed me.  I was still standing and staring at the TV images as people started to jump.  I thought of having to get to work, I am a high school teacher, knowing that confusion would be hitting the campus and parents would be running back to get their children.  By the time I stepped out the door the Pentagon was hit as well, shortly after the crash in Pennsylvania was being reported.  Similar to what most people heard and saw with one exception, my high school was literally across the street from LAX.  F-16 and F-15 fighters were escorting down planes.  For the next week the usual blare of airliners was silent, deafly silent on the campus.  I remember the afterburners of military jets several times that caused students and staff to hold their breathes as they roared off to intercept some aircraft that had violated the no-fly order, full weapons ready.  

Now we are three years later and people bicker about seeing the images.  Flags are flow in fewer and fewer numbers and those that are get scowls from some, shaken heads from others, and comments like ‘move on with your life’ or ‘get over it.’  I recently found a lost friend who lives in New York City, raised in Brooklyn, people with her last name are on the list of the dead, luckily they were not her relatives but seeing as I just reconnected with her after 6 years, I didn’t know that then.  People talk about how we (America) brought this on ourselves based on our foreign policy and being the shining light of freedom and liberty in the world.  What? Like we are supposed to support the world with our success and wealth and ask to be forgiven for our super-power status?  

I don’t understand people that don’t want to discuss 9-11.  I don’t understand people that think we should just move on and get over it and treat it as a police matter, trying to track down the ‘guilty’ and bring them to legal justice.  I don’t understand people that claim we should kiss and make-up with terrorists, appease them and maybe they will like us more, and forgive them for their acts of evil.  I like a quote by Stormin’ Norman Schwartzcoff, “It is God’s job to forgive, our job is just to arrange the meeting.”  I can understand people that logically question the war efforts and offer opinions not filled with hatred of our country, our economy, and our government.  I can understand those that think even one more American life lost is too many.  Yet we have started something that we can never stop, an increased awareness of the status of the world and a preemptive hunting down of those that plot our destruction and our harm.  President Reagan was clear that “Evil” lived in this world and the USA must fight it on all fronts.  President Bush has taken the same stance and for good or bad, history will judge the correctness of his actions.  

We as a nation have sit quietly by too long.  We have watched and offered our pity to other nations dealing with terrorism, war, and hardship due to oppressive government.  Now is the time to “put up or shut up.”  Now is the time to remember that feeling that caused our whole nation to hold their breathe for what seemed like an eternity as two towers fell.  

No regrets
No remorse
No retreat
No surrender

God watch over us and the families of the dead from 9-11-01 and have mercy on the souls of our enemies as we arrange their meeting with You.

Never again!